302 South Austin Street, Rockport, TX, USA
302 South Austin Street Rockport Texas 78382 US

We are a creative space of moon and water energy; featuring local art and artisan market.

Twin sisters, Sharen Chatterton and Karen Rester, are artists and owners of, Moon Over Water Gallery and Artisan Market. Moon Over Water is about artists, artisans, working a variety of mediums and building a small creative community within the vibrant Rockport Texas Art community. As our name reflects, we believe in the relationship between the art created and the artist as the creator. The moon is symbolic of the art we create. Art, like the moon, is powerful, with the ability to ignite strong emotions, to illicit change, to draw you in and then set you free. The water is symbolic of each of us, the artists. The artist, like water, experiences that ebb and flow within their process, we use our energy to create a wave of emotions, to calm the senses, to explore our world. Our journey is guided by our art. “The moon is over the water.”
Here at Moon Over Water, we have a small community of unique artists, showcasing many mediums and creative journeys. We are a creative space full of moon and water energy; featuring local art and artisan market.
Made by the C’s – Small space, Large Flavor, Made to Go.  We offer Breads, Daily Specials, Toast Toppers, Soups and Desserts.  check out our daily menu on Facebook and/or Instagram.  Text to go orders, with name, what you would like to order and what time you will pick up to 817-901-9888.


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