The Rockport Culture Geocache Adventure Lab launched July 9th highlighting 10 interesting locations in the Rockport Cultural Arts District.    Highlighting public art in the District, one can find a place to take that perfect “selfie” and post to #rockportculture for display.   Murals and sculptures are a wonderful contributor to the District’s public art collection, ones are open 24 hours a day, socially distanced, and contribute to the colorful, festive cultural experience in the District.


The launch of the Adventure Lab was Saturday, July 9th, exactly one year from the launch of the Rockport-Fulton GeoTour launch, sponsored by the Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce, with 40 Geocache sites, including the only multi-level Geocache located within the Cultural Arts District.    Today there area 45 Geocache sites in Aransas County, not including the Adventure Lab launched July 9th.    Download the app from on your smartphone to get started!  More information at