Rockport Daily Grind’s Little Free Library

This Little Free Library® (LFL), situated in the heart of Downtown Rockport, is a collaborative effort between Dr. Robin D. Johnson and the literacy organizations that she holds close to her heart: the Texas Association for Literacy Education (TALE,, which she was President of from 2016-2017, and the Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi Student Reading Council (, where she served as faculty advisor from 2015 – 2018. The LFL was in the process of being built and stocked when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Rockport in August of 2017. The LFL, along with so much of the town, was destroyed, and the process of rebuilding in Rockport began. The LFL was put on hold. Then, when the COVID 19 pandemic caused schools, libraries, and parks to close, Robin knew that it was the perfect time to add the LFL to Rockport so that children and adults alike would have needed access to free books when accessibility from other places was limited. Michell McMahon, the owner of Rockport Daily Grind, agreed to find a location for the LFL in the courtyard of her downtown coffee shop/cafe – a spot that has had its own history of surviving the hurricane and has become a community mainstay. Robin enlisted the help of one of her students at the university whose dad was doing extra carpentry work during the pandemic. Javier Lopez, with the assistance of his daughter, Cassie, built a LFL that was designed to be sturdy enough to withstand the natural heat, storms, and weathering that occurs in South Texas. Robin’s daughter, Sophie Johnson (age 15) chose the colors, sketched, and painted the sea life inspired art displayed on the sides of the LFL. Both TALE and the TAMU-CC SRC have donated books to fill the LFL along with many from Robin’s own personal collection. By choosing the courtyard of the Rockport Daily Grind as its home, this LFL is near the sidewalk and allows for easy access to the books housed within its walls. We hope you will embrace the theme of Little Free Libraries® around the world, and “Take a book. Share a book.”®    Charter #100836     Robin Johnson 972-978-6617